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We are a team of engineers and architects whose priority is to use our own skill sand experience to achieve our clients' goals Our core construction project planning and management team consists of:

  • Lead designers - architects with experience in complex projectmanagement
  • Verifying designers - the basic assumptions of each project are analyzed depending on the project author
  • Project co-ordinators - with particular emphasis on BIM technology in construction and interprofessional co-ordination on major projects
  • Sanitary installation designers - all networks and installations for buildings and external areas
  • Electrical designers - the whole spectrum of the industry, from connections and power to low current installations
  • Structural designers - from building foundation concepts to detailed design work
  • BIM managers - we prefer to provide services in accordance with our restricted slimBIM solution (Customisable at any time + Minimum definition+ Compatible with everything) with an emphasis on Open BIM solutions
  • Expansion specialists - matching and analysing properties to needs, from site selection support to negotiation advice for our clients
  • Costing specialists - from investment costings to detailed developer costings and investment cost control
  • Scheduling specialists - from framework schedules to analysis of detailed investment implementation schedules
  • Project managers - specialists in the complex preparation and implementation of construction investments
  • Site or works managers - with experience in managing construction works and relevant engineering qualifications
  • Supervision inspectors - having experience in supervising construction works by engineers in all construction sectors
  • Health and safetyspecialists - from formal preparation to supervision of the execution and documentation of construction work
  • Projectadministrators - documentation, archiving, tendering procedures, correspondence and support to our operational teams on site
There is a way out of every box,
a solution for every puzzle;
it's just a matter of finding it.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard

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