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Expansion of the production and storage hall Erwin Hymer Group New Salt

Expansion and change of use of existing production and warehouse hall Erwin Hymer Group Nowa Sól by installing paint shop technology, sawdust extraction technology and in-house technology, fuel station along with internal and external installations. The project includes the expansion and change of use of a part of the existing production and storage hall in Nowa Sól. The aim is to design changes within the existing building and land development, enabling the introduction of new technologies related to the future production of Hymer cars into the facility. The scope of work included the development of a conceptual and structural design along with all administrative arrangements and obtaining a building permit. The scope of the site covered by the building permit application: 6.77 hectares, the development area covered by the project: 27 791 m².

Nowa Sól
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